3 Things to Know About Drug Crimes in Kutztown, PA

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Lawyer

Drug crime penalties are becoming stiffer in many states, including Pennsylvania. Under the state’s laws, it’s illegal to possess methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs. Below are a few things to know about possession charges and how a criminal law lawyer in Kutztown, PA, can help.

Drug Offenses Carry Steep Penalties

If you’re facing possession charges, you may also face consequences besides fines and jail time. For instance, if you’re a nurse, CDL driver, or teacher, you may lose the ability to do your job. Drug charges may affect a custody case or cause other reputational damage. By hiring a criminal defense attorney, those consequences may be diminished.

Charges Are Often Permanent

Once you’re convicted of a drug crime, it’s very tough to get the charge removed from your record. To be eligible for expungement, the arrest must have failed to bring a conviction or it must be for a summary offense. Because such provisions don’t apply to most felony or misdemeanor possession cases, your criminal law lawyer in Kutztown, PA, may not be able to keep these charges off your record.

Help Is Available

Many believe that if an officer finds drugs on them, they have no defense. However, an attorney may be able to use various defenses to help those facing drug possession charges. Visit www.missanlaw.com or call the Law Office of Paul S. Missan to schedule a consultation. With help from one of the firm’s attorneys, it’s possible to minimize the penalties associated with possession and other drug crimes.

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