5 Things to Do with Your Lawyer When Facing Criminal Charges

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Attorneys

Facing criminal charges can be scary. If you or a family member have been charged, receiving legal assistance is necessary. Here are a few things you need to start with.

Review Bond Conditions

One of the first things you must do is review bond conditions with an attorney. A lawyer can help you understand your situation better and what can be done to ensure your pre-trial release. What terms should you meet? Ask for criminal defence advice in Singapore from a reputable lawyer.

Help Build Your Case

One way to help you build your case is to tell your lawyer everything that happened. If you have witnesses, list them down. Your lawyer can track those witnesses, and their testimonies can be crucial in getting the charges dismissed. When you hire a competent lawyer, they should already talk to you about their plans on how to build your case and what you can do to help.

Don’t Lie

Omissions, partial truths, and outright lies won’t help your case. They will only delay the process. If the truth comes out in court and your lawyer is unprepared, that could destroy the momentum of the case your lawyer is building on your behalf. Don’t let that happen. Be honest from the get-go. Don’t leave any of the details out.

Mention Every Detail

Mention every detail of what happened, even if you don’t think some details aren’t relevant. Your lawyer may think otherwise. Let your attorney decide after going over the event in greater detail. It may seem irrelevant, but some details could hold clues or point your attorney in the right direction.

Understand the Fees

Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you understand how their fees are structured. Will you pay after the case? Or by the hour? Does the company charge a flat fee?

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