An Accident Lawyer in New London, CT, and Clients Ineligible for Workers Comp

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Lawyers

The workers compensation benefits system covers most people who are injured during an accident on the job. However, certain categories of workers are ineligible to collect benefits. They may need to hire an accident lawyer in New London, CT, to help them acquire financial compensation for medical bills and lost income. Neglect on the part of the company may have to be proved.

A Primary Example

A construction worker is a primary example of someone who typically is ineligible for workers comp. That’s because these individuals often are independent contractors rather than employees of a company or a union that places them in various jobs. The irony is that construction work is one of the more hazardous occupations. These workers are more likely on average to be hurt in a work-related accident.

How Lawyers Approach These Cases

Sometimes an accident lawyer in New London, CT, approaches a case like this by finding evidence that the person actually does qualify for workers compensation. Even when someone has signed a 1099 tax return, this worker may technically qualify for the system’s benefits. The attorney may have to bring the case in front of a judge, however, since the company or insurance company will likely fight the claim for benefits.

In other cases, the individual is obviously not qualified to receive workers comp. The lawyer then may approach the demand for compensation by highlighting some aspect of negligence by the company that led to the accident. A free consultation can be scheduled with the lawyer Law Firm of Stephen M. Reck and Scott D. Camassar LLC after finding contact details at the website.

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