Can a Personal Injury Law Firm in Pittsburgh PA Reopen a Settled Case?

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Lawyers

Attorneys with a Personal Injury Law Firm in Pittsburgh PA encourage clients to wait until they reach maximum medical improvement before they accept a settlement offer from the insurance company. Otherwise, the settlement may be too low to cover additional expenses that come up as the person continues to recover from a falling accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Reopening a case after it has been settled is hardly ever possible.

A Difficult Decision

This can be a difficult decision for the client of a Personal Injury Law Firm in Pittsburgh PA. Serious injuries usually translate to a loss of income and some medical expenses that aren’t covered by the person’s health insurance. A savings account starts being used to pay bills. If there was little in the way of savings, using credit cards for normal expenses may seem like the only option.

A Release Form

Usually, the person receiving the settlement must sign a form releasing the insurance company from any future attempts to obtain more compensation. If there is no specific form, the language of the settlement agreement includes that type of release.

A Second Party

If more than one party could be held responsible for the incident, it may be possible for the injured person to claim that entity too. The first case may have been settled too soon, but a second one would seek compensation from someone entirely different.

An example would be a person who tripped and fell on a sidewalk near a construction area. The pavement had been demolished in certain places and was uneven in other places because of the construction work, but nobody had cordoned off the area or put up signs warning of the hazards. Claims could be made against the construction company and the owner of the property.

However, states have statutes of limitations regarding personal injury claims. This can be explained during a free consultation at an organization such as the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas. If an injured person wants to make a second claim, it must be done within that specific time frame.

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