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by | Jan 28, 2020 | Divorce attorney

When going through a divorce, couples often dispute about everything from who gets to keep the house to who keeps the family pet. Whatever caused the marriage to end usually gets aired out publicly in front of a judge. One approach to ending a divorce in a peaceful resolution for all involved is through a collaborative divorce.

Types of Divorces in Arizona

Three common methods of handling divorce cases are litigation, mediation, and collaboration. In a litigation-style divorce, an attorney goes before a judge to advocate for their client. In mediation, couples seek to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon resolution. A combination of the litigation and mediation process is collaboration.

In a collaborative divorce, family members are encouraged to find a workable solution to their problems. They are given space to honestly communicate with each other and know that they’ve been heard. Although this process may not work for everyone, it can be the best method, especially when children are involved.

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