Construction Accident Attorneys in Framingham MA Assist Workers Injured in Falls

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Accident Attorney

Falling from a height is one of the more common construction accidents. Serious injuries and even fatalities are often the result. An injured person or the family of someone killed in this type of incident may consult construction accident attorneys in Framingham MA for legal representation. These individuals want to be sure they receive the maximum amount of financial compensation.

Self-Employed Workers

Construction accident attorneys in Framingham MA understand how betrayed workers can feel when they suffer a serious injury and the company they were working for disputes responsibility. These individuals often are not eligible for workers’ compensation because they are not employees but instead provide service on a contract basis. Technically, this is a form of self-employment. The person may have to file a personal injury lawsuit to get results.

Safety Regulations

Not all construction companies are thorough about enforcing federal safety regulations. Workers and even their supervisors can become lax about these measures as time passes. They become overconfident and cannot imagine they will ever be in an accident. They feel completely comfortable on top of a roof or a scaffold. If they are not wearing the required safety gear and other protective measures are not in place, the risk of serious injury becomes significant.

Comparative Negligence

Illinois is a modified comparative negligence state in regard to personal injuries. That means injured persons can still obtain financial compensation as long as they are found to be less than 52 percent responsible for the accident. However, if a judge determines that an injured person was 51 percent responsible, the maximum financial reward will be low. The individual may not have been wearing safety gear, but it is the company’s negligence if that gear was never provided.

One goal of an attorney such as website. in this type of case is to prove the client had much less responsibility than this for what happened. This allows the client to receive a much more reasonable amount of money that can be used to pay medical expenses and bills that can be a struggle during injury recovery. Details about us can be viewed on the website.

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