Details To Discuss With A Bail Bonding Company In Stamford, CT

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Bail Bonds

In Connecticut, bail bonds are an easier way for criminal defendants to get released from jail when they don’t have a lot of money. Typically, the bail bonds are available for no more than fourteen percent of the bail value. A bail bonding company in Stamford CT helps criminal defendants who need to get released from jail now.

Bail Conditions Imposed on the Inmate

The bail conditions imposed on the inmate depend on the exact charge. For example, domestic violence cases require a no-contact order. If the defendant contacts the victim, the victim can report them to the authorities. The violation leads to the immediate arrest of the defendant.

Immigration Laws and Bail Bonds

Select bail bondsmen provide immigration bail bonds. However, the issue with the bonds is that immigrants who are apprehended for crimes are more likely to flee the country. The immigration laws prevent the bail bondsmen from searching for immigrants, and it is costly for the bail bondsman.

When Court Approval is Needed

Criminal defendants aren’t allowed to leave the state without the explicit permission of the court. The defendant must contact the court and make arrangements for any travels and provide a valid reason. A death in the family or serious illness could provide a valid reason for the defendant to travel. However, if they don’t have permission, the bail bond is revoked, and the defendant is arrested.

Forfeiture of the Bond

The forfeiture of the bond could lead to a search for the defendant. Under the circumstances, the bail bondsman can utilize the services of a bounty hunter to find the defendant. Differing laws apply to how bounty hunters can apprehend a criminal defendant after a bond forfeiture. Once the defendant is back in custody, it is less likely that the court will approve them for bail.

In Connecticut, bail bonds provide a more economically sound option for criminal defendants with limited means. The defendant’s representative can provide the payment or collateral needed to secure the bail bond. The bail bondsman processes the bail bond and gets the judge’s signature once the payment is received. Criminal defendants who need the services of a bail bonding company in Stamford CT can browse our website right now.

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