A Divorce Lawyer In Jefferson County MO Will Protect Your Rights

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Lawyers

The decision of getting a divorce can be emotionally difficult for an individual, and having all of the facts from a Divorce Lawyer in Jefferson County MO will help to answer the many questions that can happen during the process. In order to file for divorce, one of the parties must have been a resident for at least 90 days before the petition with the court is filed. A petitioner is an individual who files for the divorce and the term Missouri uses is the dissolution of marriage. Both partners will have to watch a video for Missouri’s litigant awareness program and will have to complete the program and submit a certificate with the divorce documents.

Filing Of The Divorce

A petitioner should contact a Divorce Lawyer in Jefferson County MO to prepare their legal documents to file with the court. There is a variety of forms that have to be submitted in order to start the process, and failure to submit all of the forms will result in the case not being filed. If there’s children involved, pleadings with the court for custody of the children and a child support request should be prepared and filed at the same time.

Negotiation Of A Divorce

A Divorce Lawyer in Jefferson County MO can help will help an individual negotiate the terms of their divorce with the other attorney. A divorce will go much smoother when an individual understands the law and attempts to settle a divorce without continually appearing before a judge or mediator in court to argue over minor issues. An uncontested divorce will cost less than one where the partners are fighting over dishes, pictures, furniture and other minor items.

Why Should Someone Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

Unfortunately, during a divorce emotions are running high and partners don’t always think clearly about various issues they will face during the process. A divorce lawyer will keep them grounded and explain various options they have in regards to their divorce and protect their rights for the best outcome possible.

If you’re contemplating a divorce or have been served papers to start the process, please visit¬†Divorce Lawyer in Jefferson County MO to find out more about their outstanding representation.

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