Domestic Violence Lawyers in Murrieta, CA Advise Clients to Getting Away from the Abuse

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Lawyers

Marriage is entered into with the expectation it will last forever. However, that is the stuff fairy tales are made of. In reality, a lot of marriages end up in divorce. The underlying reason for a lot of divorces is domestic violence. Even more startling than that is that a lot of people are still in marriages and suffering from domestic violence issues. No one should have to stay in a situation like that. There are Domestic Violence Lawyers in Murrieta CA who will fight to get their clients out of abusive situations.

The first thing a person will want to do if he or she is a victim of domestic violence is get away from the abusive situation. Move in with a relative or close friend, but get out of the harm’s way. This is especially true if children are involved. Then, the person will want to secure the services of someone who can mediate the situation. If necessary, it may be necessary to speak to a lawyer who is experienced with domestic violence cases. Mediation is the thing to seek first. If at all possible, resolving the violence issue without breaking up the family is most desired.

If the situation the client is in happens to be one where the client is seeking a divorce, then there are options that must be considered. Child custody, child support, and spousal support are only a few of the items that will have to be addressed. Where domestic violence is concerned, child custody may end up awarding the other parent sole custody, or the judge may refuse to grant joint custody.

If you are in a domestic violence situation and need the help of a lawyer, the Law Office of Michelle Penna is available for help in Murrieta, California. The law firm brings more than 27 years of experience in dealing strictly with family law matters. The areas of practice the firm offers are divorce law, child custody, and family law. Domestic violence falls under the heading of the firm’s family law cases. For help from Domestic Violence Lawyers in Murrieta CA, contact Michelle Penna. You can visit the website.

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