A DUI Lawyer In De Pere WI WIll Protect Your License And Your Rights

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Lawyers

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, it can affect your driving privileges, result in jail time, and cost you a large amount of money in fines. In addition to the criminal aspect of a DUI, an individual can feel embarrassed and anxious about the possibility of losing their driving privileges. A DUI Lawyer in De Pere WI can help a driver through this difficult time and thoroughly examine the evidence surrounding the arrest.

Some individuals could lose their job because of an arrest of a DUI. The loss of a driver’s license can severely affect an individual’s personal and professional life when they’re unable to travel to work or transport their children to school, doctor’s appointments, or other activities. An aggressive DUI lawyer will help a driver achieve the best possible outcome for their case.


Whether an individual is guilty or not, they should still hire an attorney to protect their rights. Entering a guilty or no-contest plea will still have detrimental effects on a driver’s future, license, and insurance rates. A DUI lawyer will look for every option to minimize the penalties from an arrest of a DUI.

Obtaining A Better Outcome

When an individual is arrested for a DUI and there is substantial evidence against them, a DUI Lawyer in De Pere WI will work diligently in setting up work privileges, electronic monitoring, probation, and minimizing the license revocation period. If jail time is part of the penalty of a conviction, they will fight to have the jail sentence reduced.


There are many options a DUI attorney cause use for a defense in a DUI arrest. The reason the police pulled a driver over and the administration of any tests can be scrutinized by an experienced attorney. If any procedures were not followed, this will allow for the evidence to be suppressed as part of the legal proceedings.

If you’ve found yourself facing a DUI charge, you don’t have to go through it alone. A DUI lawyer will never judge you for your arrest and will work diligently for the best outcome possible. For more assistance with your DUI charge, please visit Brabazonlawoffice.com.

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