Enlisting the Help of a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Hempstead, NY

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Lawyers

Workers’ compensation is an excellent program aimed at helping people who have been injured while carrying out work-related duties. This program helps people pay for medical treatment and rehabilitation, and it covers lost wages when the injury forced the person out of work. However, it’s important to understand that while workers’ compensation coverage is mandated at a workplace by the federal government, it is provided to an employer in the form of an insurance policy. Unfortunately, this can lead to significant issues when a person injured on the job tries to make a claim.

With workers’ compensation being provided by an insurance company, a person injured while performing work-related duties can expect a fair amount of scrutiny. A certain level of scrutiny is to be expected, especially if the compensation involves significant amounts of money. However, there are times when this scrutiny can go overboard. There are also times when this scrutiny leads an insurance company to reject a person’s rightful claim to compensation. This is where the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer in Hempstead, NY may come in handy.

The thing to understand is that insurance companies often try to pay as little as possible when it comes to claims for compensation. The more they pay out, the less they get to keep. In some small way, this should be expected. However, some insurance companies refuse to play ball. Some will stick to ridiculously low amounts of compensation while some won’t offer any at all.

This is where an attorney from the Law Office of Steven R. Smith can help. Sometimes simply hiring an attorney is all the motivation an insurance company needs to start offering reasonable compensation. In other cases, an attorney may have to file a suit against a business and the company that provides their workers’ compensation insurance.

There are many facets to the legal maneuvering that may be done once you hire an attorney. However, whether it’s a short-lived negotiation or a drawn-out court battle, you owe it to yourself, your family and your financial well-being to fight for every penny of compensation you’re entitled to. To learn more about workers’ compensation related issues or to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Hempstead, NY, you can click here.

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