Your First Call Should Be To A Car Accident Lawyer In Bellingham

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Lawyers

After a car accident and the initial medical treatment, a victim should contact a Car Accident Lawyer In Bellingham. Time is of the essence because the insurance company will be calling within two or three days to obtain information about the victim and the accident. A victim should always be truthful, but never allow the insurance company to record the telephone call.

An insurance company will immediately begin gathering information about the victim and their situation. If the insurance company learns the individual might need money, they will begin making offers to the victim for a low amount. The insurance company will also do everything possible to force the individual to think they will never receive any money for their injuries.

Economic And Non-Economic

A victim is entitled to economic and non-economic damages when they have been injured by a careless act of another individual. Economic damages include payment for medical bills, lost wages, ambulance fees, repair to their vehicle and much more. Non-economic damages include pain, suffering, and loss of consortium, embarrassment, humiliation, and frustration being unable to enjoy the things a victim previously did.

Going To Court

Although many cases settle before they reach a courtroom, a Car Accident Lawyer In Bellingham will immediately, begin building their case in the event the insurance company will not make the victim a fair offer. The lawyer will collect the evidence that is needed to prove their case and make sure the victim receives all of the medical treatment they need to heal from their injuries.

Pay Attorney Fees

A benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer is a victim never has to pay attorney fees out of their own pocket. The attorney receives payment for their services if they win money on behalf of the injured victim. If they are not successful with the case, the attorney receives no money.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will aggressively represent a car accident victim and fight the insurance company for fair compensation for the victim’s injuries. A victim should focus on healing from their injuries and follow-through with all of their medical treatment.

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