Hiring a Criminal Law Attorney in Hillsboro, OR Before Formal Charges

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Lawyers

Someone suspected of committing a crime may not want to wait until they’re arrested to get legal help. In many cases, it’s far better to go ahead and speak with a Criminal Law Attorney in Hillsboro OR as soon as the investigation has begun. There are numerous ways a lawyer can help the accused even if they haven’t been arrested or formally charged with a crime yet.

Help Make Sure Rights are Upheld

Before, during, and after an arrest, the accused has certain rights like the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent. A lawyer can help make sure all of the accused’s rights are upheld throughout the investigation as well as after they’re arrested. This can be crucial and have a huge impact on the outcome of a case, so hiring a lawyer early is often a good idea.

Be On Hand During a Search

It’s possible for a home or vehicle to be searched before an arrest is made. If the accused has hired a lawyer, the lawyer can be on hand during any search. This can help the accused make sure there is a warrant for the search, ensure the search follows the scope of the warrant, and make sure the evidence is collected properly to prevent future issues. All of this can have an impact on the type and amount of evidence found as well as what can be used in court.

Assist With Police Questioning

When the police are speaking with someone, they are looking for evidence of guilt. Despite the accused’s intention to try to talk their way out of an arrest or make the police believe they’re innocent, it’s possible for them to inadvertently say something that makes them look guilty. A lawyer on hand for any police questioning can help the accused avoid this.

If you are under investigation for a crime or believe you may be, go ahead and talk to a Criminal Law Attorney in Hillsboro OR now to start getting the help you need to defend against the charges. Contact The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz LLC Today for help.

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