Hiring Workers Compensation Lawyers in Greeley, CO

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Lawyer

Workers compensation claims are denied all the time. Remember, insurance adjusters, want to save the company money. Their goal is not to help injured workers. Injuries can happen at any time and your rights need to be protected.

Missed Deadlines

A claim can be denied if the employee misses one deadline. It’s important to consult with Workers compensation lawyers Greeley, CO if you are injured. Hiring a lawyer means they’re responsible for making the deadlines. Employees are supposed to report injuries right away. In the heat of the moment, the worker may forget this rule. Further, the worker has to visit a company-selected doctor. The law makes employers post workers comp laws in a location where everyone can see them. Further, they must post a list of treating physicians.

Employees should file a Notice of Claim with the state, as well. The entire claim can be denied if this notice is not filed. That means the insurer does not have to pay for medical bills or lost wages. workers compensation lawyers Greeley, CO file the Notice of Claim for clients.

The Injury Is Not Work-Related

Employers love to use “the injury is not work-related” reason to deny a claim. In fact, the first thing many employers do is make injured workers take a drug test. If the test is positive, they’ll blame the accident on the worker’s misconduct. The claim is denied and it’s up to the lawyer to prove the accident was not due to drugs or misconduct.

The Condition Fails to Meet State Guidelines

Most states have special rules for claims due to stress. These claims usually end up being denied. Additionally, claims are usually denied if a worker makes them after leaving the job. For example, a worker could be injured after being given notice they’re fired.

The lawyer files a Request for a Hearing with the state when claims are denied. The lawyer has the opportunity to present evidence and testimony in support of the worker’s claim. Workers comp lawyers are paid a percentage of any benefits received. So, it’s not going to cost you anything to fight the denial. For more information, Browse the website for Richard Blundell Law Offices.

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