How A Wisconsin Lemon Law Attorney Can Help You with A Broken Down Car

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Legal

Wisconsin seeks to protect consumers with its Lemon Law. If you have recently bought or leased a vehicle that has turned out to be defective, then you may be entitled to some sort of recourse. Contact a Wisconsin Lemon Law attorney to help you get through this process.

Lemon Law Basics

The Wisconsin Lemon Law protects consumers whose vehicle breaks down or malfunctions within the 12-month period from acquisition of the vehicle and can’t be repaired by an authorized mechanic after multiple attempts. If the car remains in the shop for more than 30 days during one visit, then multiple visits to a mechanic aren’t necessary to file a claim under the law. If your car develops a problem outside of the initial 12-month time period, then you won’t have protection under the Lemon Law statute. However, there may be other options. Contact a Wisconsin Lemon Law lawyer for more information.

Hiring a Wisconsin Lemon Law Attorney

Attorneys are often expensive. However, under the Wisconsin Lemon Law, the car manufacturer must pay your attorney fees incurred for bringing a lawsuit. Therefore, the cost to hire a Wisconsin Lemon Law lawyer is zero. The only way for the manufacturer to avoid having to pay these fees is by repurchasing your lemon from you.

What Kinds of Vehicles Are Covered?

The Wisconsin Lemon Law does not protect every vehicle purchase. Used vehicles are not protected under this law. However, new vehicles that are sold or leased enjoy Lemon Law protection. Additionally, motorcycles are also covered under this law.

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