A Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL Helps Clients Avoid Mistakes When Dealing With Insurers

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Lawyers

One reason accident victims are encouraged to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL is because people without legal experience can make significant mistakes when trying to negotiate with insurance companies. Settlements tend to be substantially higher when a lawyer is working on the case.

Too Much Information

For instance, many individuals who have been hurt in a vehicle accident volunteer too much information to the insurance company representative during interviews. It’s natural for people to want to be helpful. The problem occurs when someone admits to being more active than might be expected when a serious injury has occurred. Being able to take a short bike ride doesn’t mean the individual is ready to return to work, but the representative may view it that way.

Discussing Pre-Existing Conditions

Without a Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL providing guidance during this type of interview, the person also may be too willing to discuss pre-existing conditions that could undermine the case. Perhaps this individual had seen a chiropractor a few times several years ago because of work-related back pain. If back pain developed after the recent accident, the insurer might decide to connect the previous bout of discomfort with the current one. The adjuster may state that this is not a new occurrence and does not deserve compensation.

Recorded Statements

The individual attempting to negotiate a settlement should definitely not agree to make a recorded statement or participate in a recorded interview. If this person does make an error that harms the case and that remark is recorded, the insurer now has solid evidence of what the claimant said. An insurance company may use that recording to deny the claim altogether and refuse to settle.

Social Media

Accident victims also make other mistakes that can cost them financial compensation. While recovering, the person might attend a party and allow pictures to be posted on social media. An insurer may use those photos as evidence that this claimant was not seriously injured. For this reason and many others, it often is best for the injured individual to hire a firm such as Courtney & Mann LLP for legal representation.

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