A Personal Injury Lawyer in Tucson, Arizona for Slip and Fall Accidents

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Personal Injury Lawyer

It is not unusual for a person to walk into a store or on a sidewalk and fall down or slip on something. At such times, the store may be facing a lawsuit from the person who fell or whatever entity is responsible for the sidewalk may be held responsible for the injuries of the person who fell. A personal injury lawyer in Tucson, Arizona is on hand to help clients who are hurt as a result of slipping, falling or any personal injury. Here are some things that clients need to know about filing lawsuits because of such accidents.

What to Know about Filing Lawsuits for Slips and Falls

When a person slips or falls in a place or somewhere outside, that person has two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit in Arizona. If the entity responsible is a government agency, the person must file a formal claim first with the agency, then file the lawsuit. However, if a government agency is responsible, the time to file the lawsuit will only be one year in Arizona.

Other Things to Know about Filing Lawsuits for Slips and Falls

It may be that the party being sued may claim that the injured party should have been aware of a slip, trip or falling hazard, and is therefore partly responsible for the accident. If this is found to be true, the injured party will have the percentage found at fault reduced from any damages that may be awarded in the lawsuit. To prevent this from happening, the injured party will want to secure an attorney who can help make the lawsuit strong.

A Lawyer for Slips and Falls Lawsuits in Arizona

There will be many lawyers in Arizona who make themselves available to clients who have fallen down at some establishment or any other place. The lawyers at Price and Price Law Office represent clients who are filing personal injury lawsuits in Tucson, Arizona. If there are any individuals who are in need of a Personal injury lawyer in Tucson, Arizona, the law office is available and can be reached at the website, .

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