Reviewing Product Liabilities With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Stuart, FL

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Lawyer

In Florida, product liabilities present risks to consumers and cause financial losses for manufacturers. The cases are often based on a failure to provide adequate warnings to consumers about potential risks. Federal laws require warning labels for any potentially dangerous product. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart FL offers assistance for consumers who sustained injuries using products.

Filing Necessary Reports for the Hazard

Consumers file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency when a product caused an injury. The agency has the authority to investigate any product they feel is dangerous to the public. Their findings determine what steps are necessary to protect consumers from dangerous products.

Documenting the Victim’s Injuries

Medical records document the victim’s injuries and present a clear case against the manufacturer. A doctor could testify and explain the victim’s injuries and how the injuries affect the victim’s life. The testimony must pinpoint the product as the culprit for the injuries.

Forensic Testing and Analysis

Forensic testing and analysis are performed to show that the victim used the product as directed. The tests show any instances that could present an injury. However, when filing an injury claim, the victim must use the product according to the instructions on the package and shouldn’t do any of the conditions on the warning label. By using the product incorrectly, the victim’s claim isn’t viable, and it could be discredited by the defense.

Product Recalls and Legal Claims

Product recalls are issued when a risk to the public is found. Manufacturers must abide by the terms of the recall and do everything as directed by the agency. This could mean offering a refund to consumers or paying for repairs. When victims have been injured, the manufacturer must provide payment for medical treatment.

In Florida, product liability case start when a consumer becomes injured while using a product. The injuries must be consistent with proper usage of the product. Deviation from the packaging instructions could forfeit the victim’s rights to compensation. Forensic testing is used to substantial the victim’s claim. Victims who were injured by consumer-based products contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart FL or Visit Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne, P.A. right now.

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