Tips for Hiring a Felony Lawyer in Lebanon County, PA

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Lawyers

Most people rarely need to hire a felony lawyer in Lebanon County, PA, and it can be hard for them to find the right attorney for their case. When a person is accused of a criminal offense, they should consider these tips before hiring an attorney.

Don’t Bargain Shop

While it’s natural to not want to pay too much for things, looking for the least expensive defense attorney can be costly in the long term. When a lawyer is inexpensive, it’s usually because they have few clients, scant credentials, lack of experience, or don’t devote enough attention to each case. People who hire cheap lawyers often end up paying more to hire an appellate attorney.

Don’t Hire an Attorney On the Phone

Getting into law school requires hard work and dedication, but it doesn’t require social skills. However, a felony lawyer in Lebanon County, PA is the client’s representative to jurors, judges, and prosecutors. Therefore, it’s important for the client to trust the lawyer and to feel comfortable with them. It’s hard to assess these things in a phone call, which is why clients should always ask for a consultation in person.

Rely on Experience Rather Than Advertising

Any lawyer can put together a website and claim to handle criminal cases. There are numerous legal practice areas, and it’s important to choose the right lawyer for the job. Online reviews are a great place to get information on a lawyer’s experience, as are legal directories.

Don’t Put It Off

It’s natural to want to delay doing stressful or uncomfortable things. However, in criminal cases, delays can lead to a negative outcome. In such instances, early help from a lawyer can prevent the filing of charges or an indictment.

Call Today for Legal Advice and Advocacy

When a person is arrested or investigated for a criminal offense, they should call a lawyer as soon as possible. With prompt intervention, a lawyer may be able to get charges reduced or even dropped. Click here for more details or call The Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal attorney.

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