What to Ask when Interviewing a DUI Defense Lawyer in Morgantown WV

by | Dec 17, 2015 | DUI Lawyers

The secret to finding a quality DUI Defense Lawyer in Morgantown WV is the questions asked prior to hiring one. If the police arrest a person for driving under the influence, or DUI, then it is essential to hire a quality attorney. Finding the right one is the real challenge.

The modern criminal justice system is moving much faster than the typical civil lawsuit would. It is essential to find the right DUI Defense Lawyer in Morgantown WV quickly as a result. The majority of lawyers are more than willing to meet a person ahead of time to introduce themselves and to discuss the case. This is when the client has the opportunity to interview the attorney to determine if they are right for the situation. Some of the questions to ask once a few potential attorneys are found are highlighted here.


When meeting with a DUI Defense Lawyer in Morgantown WV it is essential to learn about their background. Some questions that will help include:

• Where did they go to school?

• Are they a member of any bar association or professional organization? Which ones?

• How long have they been providing criminal law services?

• How many DUI cases have they successfully represented?

• Do they represent other types of cases?

It is a good idea to find a DUI Defense Lawyer in Morgantown WV who is familiar with the lawyers who are prosecuting the case. They may be able to negotiate the case before it goes to court.

Case Assessment

When speaking with the attorney, provide them with the details of the situation and then ask the following questions:

• Is a guilty plea recommended?

• Is a plea agreement possible?

• Does the case need to go to trial?

• What factors would work for the situation?

Taking the time to interview various attorneys will help anyone find the one that is right for the DUI case in question. Don’t rush into a decision when selecting an attorney, but don’t wait too long, either since this may not bode well. This will only lead to serious issues down the road and may even result in more serious consequences.

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