When to Consult a Social Security Disability Lawyer Near Morristown

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Lawyers

While you don’t necessarily need a lawyer for the initial application process when you are seeking social security disability, many enjoy having this representation, as the application process is notorious for being overwhelming and a little confusing.

The most important time to seek a social security disability lawyer is when your attempt at receiving disability benefits results in a denial.

Arguing Your Case and Getting What You Deserve

This is the primary goal of your lawyer, and once you hire one, you two can begin formulating your argument.

A social security disability lawyer near Morristown will typically begin by compiling medical evidence to prove that you are incapable of work, which may involve consulting your doctor and other doctors, as well as finding out whether or not you need additional examination.

The goal is to get a clear sense of your medical state to provide you and your lawyer with leverage, and when all information is gathered, your social security disability lawyer can begin arguing why you are disabled under the social security disability law.

Experience is extremely important in these cases, and to gain the help of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, you can contact the law offices of Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC.

Being Transparent

As you consult with your lawyer and discuss your disabilities and your desired outcome, make sure that you are completely transparent. To form the best possible relationship with your lawyer and to give both of you the best chance at winning your case, it is important that you fully disclose all information about the nature and cause of your disability, among other things.

As frustrating as this process can be, dealing with it alone is far worse, and if you do so, you may severely decrease your chances of winning your case. You can also visit Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC on Facebook.

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