When You Need a Lawyer for Spinal Trauma in Medford

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Lawyer

According to the CDC, more than 5 million individuals with SCI or TBI are disabled and unable to work. To restore their freedom, receive fair treatment from employment, and locate physicians who respect their needs and preferences, many survivors must fight an uphill struggle. Do not ever feel guilty for hiring a lawyer if you have had spinal trauma in Medford. If someone else causes your injuries, they need to be held liable and be obliged to pay for your costs, as brain and spinal cord injuries may be quite expensive.

Injured in an Accident

Take the time to speak with a lawyer if you were hurt in any kind of accident involving a vehicle, bicycle, boat, or even one at an amusement park or work. Even if it initially appears that no one is responsible for your injuries, everything from defective brakes to careless machine operation might make one or more parties accountable.

Doctor Failed to Treat Injuries

Each year, there are about 250,000 fatalities attributed to medical mistakes, and many more people may be injured. Speak to a lawyer to see if your physician was responsible for your injuries. Of course, figuring out if your doctor’s conduct caused your injuries might require years of medical expertise. This underscores how crucial it is to speak with a lawyer.

Somebody Intentionally Hurt You

You could have a case in court if someone else maliciously or recklessly causes you spinal trauma in Medford. You will not be responsible for any damage if a person inadvertently shoots you with a pistol, strikes you with a car, or punches you during a fight. These are only a few instances of negligence or purposeful injury.

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