2 Sound Pieces of Advice That Your DUI Lawyer Is Likely To Provide

by | Dec 30, 2019 | DUI Lawyers

While you didn’t set out to get behind the wheel while under the influence, that’s what happened. Now you have legal issues that must be faced. Rather than face them alone, it makes sense to hire a DUI lawyer Ponte Vedra. Your lawyer is likely to provide advice designed to help you get through the present circumstances. Expect these two pieces of advice to be included.

Don’t Hold Back Anything

Now is not the time to hold back information from your lawyer. It doesn’t matter if that information is personally embarrassing or something you’d rather forget. It could have a bearing on the case or there could be plans for the prosecution to use that information. Telling all to your lawyer now makes it easier to prepare in advance and do what can be done to defuse the impact of that information.

Let Your Lawyer Do The Talking

Some clients can’t stay quiet while their legal counsels plead their cases. Don’t be one of those people. Work with your DUI lawyer Ponte Vedra to structure the defense, then sit back and let the lawyer do the talking. The only exceptions are if the court asks you a specific question or if you take the stand in your defense. Even then, keep the responses short and to the point. In all other instances, bite your tongue if necessary and allow your legal counsel to present the case to the court.

A conviction for driving under the influence involves more than paying a fine and taking some classes. In some cases, there will be consequences that last for years. Do yourself a favor and hire a DUI lawyer. Take it to the next level and pay close attention to what your legal counsel advises. In the long run, the odds of achieving a more desirable outcome are higher.

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