An Orange County CA Employment Attorney Can Help in the Employment Game

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Lawyers and Law Firms

As today’s unemployment numbers rise and fall, there is almost nothing more important in today’s job competition than the ability to land and keep a steady job. There are several factors involved in the process of landing the right job, as well as keeping it once you’ve landed it. All kinds of obstacles arise and therefore make it difficult to navigate your way through to the end. That’s when it comes in handy to have a skilled Employment Attorney in Orange County CA in your corner.

You Cannot Be Denied or Terminated for Nothing

First, you have to concentrate on getting the job itself. Then you have to worry about keeping it. However, these things are a little less complicated than they used to be since there have been strict employment laws passed over the years to protect an employee. For example, a person cannot be denied a job or terminated from a job solely based on their race, sex, age, or national origin. These types of things happened daily just a few decades ago but now, with a good employment attorney on your side, the employers simply cannot get away with such a tragedy today.

Sexual Harassment Is Old News

Another scenario that was quite prevalent before these laws were passed was sexual harassment in the workplace. Victims, usually women, were forced to work in a hostile working environment because they were being sexually harassed by their male counterparts or bosses. It seemed the only way a woman could advance in a company was to grant sexual favors to their higher authorities. If they refused, they were retaliated against for not doing the favors. This was common practice not too long ago, but for the most part, it is an unfair practice of the past.

Don’t Be Afraid to Blow the Whistle

One other major issue that comes up when dealing with employment cases is the whistleblower cases. These cases are sensitive because they involve illegal activities in which a company may be involved. A whistleblower takes a major risk of retaliation when they have the guts to bring an illegal activity out into the forefront and the hands of the authorities. That’s why there have been laws enacted to help protect such people.

Since these situations are usually so sensitive, it is imperative to have a qualified employment attorney in Orange County CA to handle these cases because they would know exactly how to deal with the situation. For more details contact The Soliman Firm, PLC today.

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