How Can A Family Law Lawyer In Rochester, MN Help With Adoption?

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Lawyers

In Minnesota, adoption provides an alternative option for couples or individuals who are unable to conceive a child. Prospective parents approach an adoption agency to start the process. A caseworker is required to conduct an interview and home study with the prospective parents. A Family Law Lawyer in Rochester MN provides guidance for all adoptive parents.

Reviewing Parental Rights Laws

To adopt a child, the biological parent(s) is/are required to sign a petition to eliminate their parental rights. Under family laws, both parents must be notified about the impending adoption. If the parents weren’t married, the parent placing the child up for adoption must contact the other parent or issue a notice in the legal section of the newspaper.

Setting Up a Contract With an Expectant Mother

An expectant mother who wants to place their child up for adoption enters into a contract with the prospective adoptive parents. The contract defines what costs are covered by the adoptive parents. For example, the contract may require the couple to pay all the medical costs for the mother. Maternity, postpartum, and neonatal care are paid by the adoptive parents in most cases.

Visitation Rights of the Biological Parent

In some adoptions, the biological parents retain some visitation rights. However, the parents cannot reveal to the child that they are the biological parent(s). The adoptive parents must be notified prior to any visit, and the biological parent cannot present any risk to the child.

Managing the Adoption Hearing

The adoptive parent’s attorney attends the adoption hearing. The process involves the creation of a new birth certificate for the child. It also enables any changes to the child’s name. Typically, the child’s last name is changed only if the child isn’t an infant. The judge explains all responsibilities of the adoptive parents.

In Minnesota, adoption proceedings require prospective parents to undergo complex approval procedures. The applicants must show that they have the means to support the child and are ready for the responsibilities that come with parenthood. Prospective parents who want to start the adoption process contact a Family Law Lawyer in Rochester MN at the Rolsch Law Offices right now.

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