Don’t Go To to Court Without aA Family Law Attorney In in Lebanon County, PA

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

An individual who is involved in a divorce, child custody issue, child support, adoption, or a domestic violence situation should never go to court with a family law attorney in Lebanon County, PA Family Law Attorney Lebanon County PA representing them. A court hearing or a judge’s decision could prove to be unfavorable and can be difficult to unravel without appealing to a higher level. A family law attorney understands the law and how the court operates so the process will be easier.

A family law attorney understands what an emotional time this can be for the parties involved in the case. Their knowledge and skill will keep an individual focused on the issues instead of worry about what the other party is trying to do. Sound legal knowledge will be invaluable in a family law case.


Getting a divorce might seem very easy until a couple has to determine who will receive what portion of the assets and the debts. This is called a property settlement. A property settlement can result in extensive litigation even when a couple does not have very many assets.

Keen negotiating skills and common sense will prevail when there is a dispute over a property settlement. Resolving a property settlement as quickly as possible will reduce the amount of court time and legal fees.

Child Support

Parents who are required to pay child support usually feel like the other parent is taking all of their money to use for himself or herselfthemselves. It is a right of a child to be financially supported by both parents after a relationship has ended. Calculating child support can be a complex process when medical costs, daycareday care expenses, and the special needs of a child have to be taken into consideration.

Child Custody

The only thing the court is concerned about is the best interest of the child. A court considers the relationship a child has with each parent and any addiction or criminal history. They also take into account whether a parent will foster a loving relationship with the other parent.

Making it through a family law case can be difficult when an individual does not hire an experienced family law attorney in Lebanon County, PA. Law Offices of Melissa R. Montgomery. Give them a Call the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery to discuss your case today.

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