Reviewing Falls With A Workplace Injury Attorney In Medford, MA

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Attorneys

In Massachusetts, worker-related injuries lead to worker’s compensation insurance claims. The coverage provides qualifying workers with payments for their medical treatment and monetary benefits during their recovery. Unfortunately, some workers don’t receive monetary benefits initially. A Workplace Injury Attorney in Medford MA offers assistance for workers who are injured during a fall at work.

Slippery Flooring and Fall Hazards

The employer must maintain the flooring on their property at all times. A cleaning crew is needed to clear away conditions that could cause a fall. The property owner must also manage uneven flooring or any hazards that could lead to worker-related injuries. All hazards are managed on a continuous basis to prevent possible visitor or worker-related accidents.

Falls at Construction Sites

Construction sites must be managed properly according to federal safety regulations. The foreman must provide safety apparatuses around scaffolding to prevent a fall. The entire worksite must be managed at all times to prevent any injuries related to work duties. Any worker-related falls deem the company liable if the foreman doesn’t manage the work area appropriately.

Reviewing Safety Regulations and Company Policies

After an accident, safety regulations and company policies are reviewed to determine if the worker and the employer followed the rules. Company policies are also reviewed to determine if any guidelines weren’t followed such as wearing proper footwear. The insurance policies are also reviewed to determine if the worker’s injuries meet the eligibility requirements for worker’s compensation.

What to Expect After a Claim

After the worker’s compensation claim is processed, the worker is informed if they qualify. The company pays for the first doctor’s visit to determine the worker’s exact injuries. However, unless the worker qualifies for worker’s compensation, all additional visits aren’t covered. If the worker qualifies, he or she receives monetary benefits that equate to up to eighty percent of their income.

In Massachusetts, worker-related injuries present workers with an opportunity to receive workman’s compensation. The policies are available through their employers and assist the worker during their recovery period. However, workers who can perform light-duty work won’t receive monetary benefits. Workers who need assistance from a Workplace Injury Attorney in Medford MA Visit the website for more info now. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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