Help Your Domestic Partner By Meeting With A Wills Attorney in Yucaipa CA

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Lawyers

Anyone who has a life partner but isn’t legally married should definitely visit a Wills Attorney in Yucaipa CA. People who have life partners have to understand that they lack certain protections if they aren’t legally married. If a person dies, their partner might end up in the middle of a legal battle for assets they shouldn’t have to fight over.

What Could Go Wrong?

When a person dies unexpectedly, the life partner might find themselves in a legal fight with the family members of the deceased. When couple is married, assets are easily transferred when one of them dies. A person’s mother, father, siblings, or children can’t usually come into the situation and try to make claims. The process is pretty straightforward. A person who isn’t legally married to their partner could find themselves on the outside looking in after the partner dies.

Things Can Change

Some people don’t understand that a situation can drastically change when they are no longer in the picture. After they die, family members might treat the surviving partner badly. People might get greedy. That’s why it’s best to visit Betty Auton-Beck Professional Law Corporation to meet with a Wills Attorney in Yucaipa CA. With the right protections in place, there won’t be any problem transferring assets after death.

More Than A Will

When a person talks to an attorney about estate planning, other things besides a will have to be discussed. What happens if a person is incapacitated and can’t make decisions for themselves? Do they want their partner to make choices for them or a family member that really hasn’t been around? A lawyer will be able to work on all types of protections for life partners. As time goes on, the lawyer will be able to adjust those protections as needed for the couple.

People who don’t have estate planning in place are just asking for trouble. Family members they don’t even like might make claims to the estate’s assets. That can leave a life partner struggling and in an expensive legal battle. Consulting with a lawyer and making a will isn’t expensive at all. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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