Steps Reseda Residents Should Take Following an Automobile Accident

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Lawyer

More than six million automobile accidents happen in the United States every year. In most cases, the vehicle’s occupants suffer little to no damage. One third of accidents results in personal injury. When a person is involved in an automobile accident, there are certain steps they need to take to protect themselves.

First, never drive away from an accident, even if it is just a minor fender bender. Driving away from an accident could lead to serious legal consequences. If anyone is injured, take steps to stabilize these individuals until help arrives.

Prevent the accident from getting worse by protecting the scene. If the accident happens at night and the vehicle’s lights do not work, flashlights or flares can be used. When possible, disabled vehicles should be moved to the side of the road.

Documenting the accident is a must. This includes taking pictures. If a person has visible injuries, they should photograph them. In no way should the photographing efforts interfere with law enforcement’s investigation.

Speaking to an accident attorney in Reseda is a good way to get more advice on steps that one could take in the days and weeks following an accident to make sure that their best interests are looked after. An accident attorney in Reseda may recommend that a client seek medical attention, even if injuries are not apparent.

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